Dog act as more bait found

THOSE responsible for placing snail bait in dog walking areas have struck again.

For the third time in a  week council employees have found a pile of snail bait in an off-leash area.

The discovery shocked council staff. The pile was found on Wirraburra Walk on Tuesday at about 4pm for the second time this week. A previous pile was found near the Ploughmans wetlands last Thursday. 

Council spokesman Allan Reeder said the pile was large enough to be a packet of snail bait.

“The third discovery in a week points to someone who is inappropriately placing the bait,” he said. “On the first occasion it might have been an accident but the third time points to something else entirely.

“There is an obvious danger to dogs as well as children who might see a big pile of brightly-coloured green stuff and put it in their mouth.”

Council plant operator Colin Forrest made the discovery. He said the bait was placed in an obvious location. No attempt to hide the pile was made.

“It was a whole packet worth just right near the bottom of the tree, about a metre off the path,” Mr Forrest said. “As soon as I pulled up you could see it.”

Council were told about the pile from a nearby resident. Mr Reeder called on others to remain vigilant and report all suspicious activity to the police and to council.

“Any information we receive we will act on it,” he said.

Orange police duty officer Inspector Bruce Grassick said police were seeking assistance from the public. Anyone caught placing snail bait with the intention of harming or killing an animal can be charged with aggravated cruelty under the prevention of animal cruelty act. 

Contact Orange police on 6363 6399. 

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